Live Objects continuously delivers AI-driven optimizations into your business processes.

Business Outcomes

Optimize specific business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, pricing efficiency, orders, revenue, earnings, cost, risk control etc. across your business applications.

Live Objects Solutions
Business Process Operations

Eliminate ad-hoc activities, process exceptions and sub-optimal RPA automation impacting your business processes.

Live Objects Platform
Process Implementations

AI-augmented process implementations and cloud migrations from Live Objects-certified professional service practices that enable continuously adapting business processes.

Live Objects Partners


Quote to Cash

Continuously optimize your end to end quote to cash process including:

  • Order management
  • Renewals
  • Pricing Intelligence
  • Contracts Intelligence
  • Customer experience and customer voice

Procure to Pay

Continuously optimize your end to end procure to pay process including:

  • Procurement experience
  • Purchase Order processing
  • Payment discounting (e.g. discounts captured)
  • Supplier onboarding

Finance & Controls

Finance process optimizations and rules discovery across:

  • Revenue Management (revenue leakage, revenue recognition)
  • Accounts Receivable (billing, dunning)
  • Accounts Payable (efficiency, cost savings)
  • Reconciliations (close to report efficiencies)
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Optimization Driven Automation

Discover and deliver end-to-end process optimizations by orchestrating RPA automation across multiple business applications.

Application Migration & Consolidation

Intelligent cross-functional application migration to the cloud across data management, rules and application workflow layers. Migration to S4 HANA, Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, Workday, Netsuite, etc.

Risk Solutions.

Risk Identification
  • Process discovery to identify potential threats and areas of risks
  • Improve processes to enhance prediction of key risks
Risk Mitigation
  • Proactive end-to-end process monitoring of the risk and controls environment
  • Streamline processes to meet acceptable risk levels
Contract Compliance
  • Improve processes that benefit the entire contract lifecycle management cycle
  • Process Governance and Compliance oversight



Discover process and rules across structured systems and unstructured process activities and map process KPIs.

  • Trace and measure process performance across business applications & unstructured manual activities
  • Using data and AI-driven models, Live objects generates a rapid as-is blueprint of the process and activities
  • Measure for:
    • Operational KPIs such as throughput time of processes, mean case closure times, and response times
    • Business KPIs such as pricing efficiencies, revenue leakage, and compliance to revenue recognition standards and obligations
    • Experience KPIs such as CSAT scores.

New process recommendations with enhanced KPIs through bottleneck reductions, redundancy eliminations, and orchestrated automation with RPA.

  • AI-driven process enhancements with projected performance metrics
  • Recommendations can be presented in one or more optimization options
  • Process simplification such as redundant steps that should be eliminated
  • Manual activities that are good candidates for automation
  • New process steps or rules that meet business KPIs

Continuously closes the loop by auto-delivering the recommended optimizations back to the source system via RPA/Bots, BPM solutions and/or APIs.

  • Auto-delivery of AI-driven process enhancements in the business application platforms
  • Closes the loop through
  • Insertion of new BPMN models into the source system(s) (e.g. ERPs)
  • Leverage APIs to insert new rules
  • Modification / redefinition of new rules / logic (e.g JDBC/SOQL driven access

Ai First.

Live Objects’ unique AI-first design enables unprecedented business process outcomes.

Optimized Process Generation

Generating the most optimized process variants from trillions of possibilities delivered with reinforcement learning for targeted business outcomes.

Curated Domain Knowledge

Out-of-box ontology models to capture domain relationships from disparate business application platforms for business process areas.

True End-to-End Process Discovery

Discovery of actual processes and performance measurement across business applications & manual activities through AI-based sequence mining and activity modeling.

Process Focused Semantic Metadata Recognition

Discover process-specific entities and intent from unstructured data with deep neural net based language independent models.


Technology Integration Partners

Our partners include leading Application, RPA, and BPM vendors.

Live Objects is one of the very first AI-related companies to have successfully achieved SAP certification for their integration with SAP Commerce, a key component of the SAP Customer Experience Suite. Read More>


Live Objects is a partner with General Dynamics and PNet to address process transformation in the public sector.

Consulting and Assurance Firms

Live Objects works with the leading firms to jointly bring solutions to the market.


Live Objects is delivering the world’s first closed-loop business process optimization platform that accelerates customers’ digital transformation journey.

The Live Objects team is comprised of developers and domain experts with a combination of experience across traditional business process domains and modern AI platforms.

Live Objects is a rapidly growing start-up venture-funded by The Hive, based in Palo Alto, California. It is co-founded by Sudipto Dasgupta, CTO, and Michael Reh, CPO.

Sudipto Dasgupta
Chief Technology Officer

Sudipto has rich experience in conceptualizing, architecting, building and managing multiple platform products spanning across data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and automation. Sudipto brings both business process platforms and artificial intelligence expertise from his prior technology leadership roles at SAP and Infosys.

Prior to Live Objects, Sudipto was VP and Head of Engineering at Infosys Platforms where he was responsible for the development and architecture of the artificial intelligence platform, Nia. In addition, he managed the development of Assist Edge, a robotics process automation platform. Prior to that he was a Chief Architect at SAP working on S/4 HANA Optimizations and other key strategic technical initiatives driven by the CTO & Product Office.

Our Investors

The Hive is a VC fund and a co-creation studio for startups. The Hive works actively with founders to co-create, fund and launch startups focused on AI in the Enterprise. The Hive model is a high touch model, that applies its entrepreneurial and operational experience to accelerate company building. The Hive team consists of successful company-builders, serial entrepreneurs and investors who have created market-leading companies with several billion dollars in exits.

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