The new​ paradigm of process transformation

How can your IT Manager learn to stop worrying and love the bot? Most of the enterprise automation projects today are driven by human intuition. These initiatives are driven by consultants, vendors or IT partners and end up in ‘automation surprise‘ scenarios after deployment. Companies deploy automation technologies to realize substantial performance gains. They often fail to consider a data-driven process centric approach to automation, instead, they rely on personal interactions with SMEs.

In the current Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations, organizations attempt to thrive in the ‘Automation First’ era by automating anything and everything to take lead in their digital transformation journey. This approach has resulted in bot complexity as well as process complexity. The common questions IT executives receive in their automation journeys are: It takes 12+ hours to complete a process by this bot, Why? Well, the explanation could be “The underlying business process is too complex”. How about modernizing the process? Have you thought through the change management on automation? Where is the transparency? Have you assessed the bot risks? Have you considered human emotions? These automation efforts often end up in automation surprises and furthermore, they are not able to scale and have the inability to accurately measure the Return On Investment (ROI). The main reason is due to the lack of data-driven assessments, process transparency, underestimating change management, risks and lack of awareness for continuous improvement.

How do you achieve process transparency?

Process discovery helps to blueprint the existing as-is processes by leveraging techniques such as process mining, sequence mining and activity modelling. This has proven to be a true benefit to enterprises enabling data-driven decisions for their automation journey and process transformations. Often, the implemented processes do not just happen in your transactional systems but outside as well in the form of emails, documents, conversations, IT tickets etc. Combining the insights from both business applications and manual activities provide improved process transparency for process transformations. Some quick wins include:

  1. Identifying the right process for automation
  2. Bringing transparency in change management
  3. Improving the process complexity upfront and automate
  4. Providing insights into the complexity and eliminating automation surprises after deployment

The below illustration demonstrates the advantages with traditional RPA combined with process discovery techniques to enable a true data-driven process transformation.

Bringing automated Intelligence to Enterprise. Live Objects Process Transformation platform.

Having a process discovery platform helps with quick implementation as well as continuously monitoring the implemented robotic workforce, to verify if the automation is effective. Some immediate benefits include:

  1. Scale automation organically and efficiently by accurately measuring the ROI and improved efficiencies.
  2. Modernize the processes, bring cultural changes in the organization than blind automation

Make your IT Manager love the bot & stop worrying

Live Objects, a closed-loop business process optimization platform helps generate process maps from structured as well as unstructured sources. The platform leverages a deep neural net based AI engine for recommending ideal steps for eliminating process bottlenecks such as automation, elimination of redundant process steps and addition of new process steps.

Live Objects provides true end-to-end process discovery by following the digital footprint of actual processes and performance measurement across business applications & manual activities through AI-based sequence mining and activity modelling.

RPA alone will not help organizations in their automation and process optimization journeys, organizations also need to consider that a fair amount of business process re-engineering will be required to help RPA scale and be efficient.

Interested in learning more on how Live Objects is bringing automated intelligence to enterprise, reach out to us for a demo.

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